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Re-imagine Marriage: The Heart of Work-Life Balance


Everyone deserves a marriage…

  • In which they feel loved and respected
  • That brings harmony and balance to life
  • That leads to the wholeness of both people

How much is a happy, fulfilling marriage worth? Only you can answer that question but for me it is priceless. I think you will agree that this home study course is an amazing value. If you were meeting with me face to face it would cost over $1500 to learn these skills. You would also pay an additional $199 to purchase the bonus product through my website. However, I want to make this easy,convenient, and absolutely affordable for you. So here is how you can register for this program now:

Register for the program now and get instant access to module one!



What happens next when you sign up for the program?

  • This course consists of 7 modules for you to listen to and view online
  • You will have instant access to module one to begin your journey as soon as you are ready
  • Each week you will receive an email from tom@growitforward.com with the link to the next lesson
  • This course is designed to give you a structured process for you to learn the key relationship skills and concepts you need
  • This structure will help you and your spouse have the right conversations to enhance your marriage
  • You can listen to the modules on your own time frame but I recommend trying to stay on schedule and not let life get you too far off track. Make it a priority!

This program will transform the way you perceive your marriage, yourself, and your partner and you will:

  • Discover that change really can happen
  • Rekindle the feelings of love and passion in your marriage
  • Have a much deeper understanding of how to create the intimacy you desire, even if you are the only one working on it

You will understand and know yourself better, so that you:

  • Will be a better marriage partner
  • Feel more in control of you
  • Can focus on improving what you do best in relationships
  • Elevate your self-esteem and personal power

You will learn new skills and tools to:

  • Work through places where you are stuck
  • Love and accept both yourself and your partner more completely
  • Communicate in more authentic and effective ways
  • Resolve conflicts and barriers that get in the way of your progress
  • Manage anger and frustration
  • Explore and experience deeper levels of intimacy and sexual fulfillment
  • Achieve better balance in you work-life blend

Time commitment:

  • Expect to spend 30-45 minutes viewing each module
  • Each module will provide a homework assignment designed to integrate your learning and facilitate good conversations
  • Expect to spend about 30-60 minutes on the homework
  • I recommend that you spend another hour talking with your spouse about what you are learning to maximize the positive impact. Many people find this is great content to discuss on “date night”.

BONUS: You will receive access to the Reiss Motivation Profile, a scientifically validated motivational assessment that will give you great insight into what is most important to you and drives your behaviors, whether you know it or not. Understanding this will allow you and your partner to learn how to satisfy your most important desires in healthy and constructive ways. This is a brief, online assessment you can take at your convenience after you complete module three. In addition, you will receive a live, personal feedback session by telephone with me. Normally this assessment would cost you $199 through my website but with this program it is FREE. When you register as a couple you will both take the assessment at no additional cost. You will easily be able to compare where your motivations line up or where they are different. Would you like to hear what a couple of my clients have to say?

Here are some comments from Diane…

“I wanted to thank Tom for the unbelievable gift he has given me. I have struggled for 8 years in my marriage to figure out what was going on. We seemed to be stuck, I mean really stuck, in fact I would say jammed. It just seem that we were not moving forward and I even wondered if we were hurting each other by staying together. My life was not better and neither was his. We had every reason in the world to be happy but we weren’t. Now the positive thing was that we did love each other but I was still thinking that perhaps we should get a divorce because the connection between the two of us was not there at all. It seemed that we were actually making our lives miserable by staying together rather than enhancing each other’s life as we did the first twelve years we were married. I often wondered, does he love me? If he does, why is he with me, he doesn’t show it, he never wants to be with me? What is wrong with me that he won’t love me? We were like roommates rather than the best friends and lovers that we once were.

During a teleseminar I attended with Tom, he offered anyone on the phone a 30 minute session with him. I decided to call and see what he thought. I could not believe that within 20 minutes into that conversation Tom had basically solved our problem. He listened to me and then was able to quickly assess what was going on in our marriage. After all the books I had read and information I had gathered on marriage, sex etc…. it was Tom King who was able to give me the information I needed to transform my marriage. We were really in a dark place in our marriage and I could not believe that Tom could speak with me for that short of time and be able to recognize the problem and explain it so concisely for me.

Listen to Katherine and Dave’s story…

My husband and I have been married for 35 years and have seen many ups and downs raising our family together. We certainly didn’t do everything right but we always loved each other and were committed to staying together. That was all in serious jeopardy of falling apart almost 2 years ago now. You see, my husband had an affair.

When I found out about the affair I was devastated. Was our whole marriage a lie? Was everything we had built destroyed? I didn’t know what to do but I made two important decisions. One, I got myself into therapy and started working through my grief and devastation. Two, my husband and I started working with Tom to see if we could save our marriage.

I’m happy to say that our lives have dramatically changed and we are happier together than we have ever been. Oh the pain and anger are still there sometimes but we now have the skills and abilities to work through things as they come up and our relationship is now solid. We are also much healthier people individually.

This has been a journey for sure and Tom has been an invaluable guide and support. He has helped us understand ourselves and each other in new and deeper ways. Because of what we have learned we are no longer afraid to be honest with each other, be vulnerable, and re-committed. This is the kind of marriage we always hoped for but didn’t know how to create. Tom’s clear, calm, loving, and skillful presence helped us find our way through the most difficult time in our marriage.


Register for the program and get instant access to module one!


I have distilled the tools and information you need into this easy to follow course because I want all couples to have a happy, passionate, and fulfilling life together. Here is an outline of exactly what you will learn when you take action and get started with this program:

    In module 1 you will learn:

  • How a healthy marriage will help you balance your work-life blend
  • How your marriage dynamics explain what is really going on
  • Strategies for developing your capacity to be a loving person
  • Strategies for improving the level of connection with your spouse
  • How your relationship story sets the quality of your marriage
    In module 2 you will learn:

  • To identify your core needs
  • What key decisions have shaped your life
  • How you get stuck in cycles of pain
  • How to immediately stop cycles of pain
  • How to begin creating a new relationship story
    In module 3 you will learn:

  • How self-reflection leads to self-knowledge
  • Why focusing on one another’s strengths builds a stronger marriage
  • How knowing your motivations helps you understand your behaviors
  • How motivation sets up patterns of interactions in your marriage
  • How to access your bonus assessment – The Reiss Motivation Profile
    In module 4 you will learn how to create deeper connections through:

  • Bonding conversations
  • Meeting core needs
  • Knowing your primary love language
  • Speaking your partner’s love language
  • Creating a loving space in your marriage
    In module 5 you will learn:

  • New tools for resolving conflict
  • A co-committed way to solve problems
  • How to recover from relationship traumas
  • A process for genuine forgiveness
    In module 6 you will learn:

  • The concept of a love bank
  • The differences in desires between men and women
  • Three different styles of sexual relationships in marriage
  • How to have great sex in marriage
    In module 7 you will learn:

  • The difference between conscious and unconscious loving
  • How to free up energy and creativity
  • How to negotiate better balance from a place of love
  • How to adapt your marriage to the stages of life
  • Ten commitments for life-long love

It’s time to get started. I’m very grateful to be your partner on this most important journey. Links to each module will be delivered directly to your email. Please watch for emails from Tom King and add tom@growitforward.com to your email address book. You will be able to bookmark and return to the modules and work through the program at your own pace. Warmest regards, Tom King tom@growitforward.com 651-389-4412

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