Watch this to discover new possibilities for your marriage.

Whether you are newly married, have been married for many years, or are hoping to be married in a new way you’ll want to be a part of this group. Almost everyone longs for deeper intimacy and greater joy in their marriage, whether they know it or not.

How will the group work?

  • We will meet by phone on a conference bridge line for 75 minutes, three times per month for six months.
  • Each meeting will introduce new content in manageable chunks so you completely understand the steps within each phase of the system.
  • There will be open coaching from me during each meeting to give you an opportunity to ask questions and work through your particular issues or concerns
  • During group discussion you will experience the support and wisdom of the entire group and review the lessons to really integrate learning.
  • You will be exposed to theories and ideas from various authors and experts to expand your thinking
  • You will receive a written manual and other material along the way you can refer to and review the golden nuggets of the system over and over

How you will benefit: This group will transform the way you perceive your marriage, yourself, and your partner and you will:

  • Feel new hope that change can happen for you
  • Rekindle the feelings of love and passion in your marriage
  • Have a much deeper understanding of how to create the intimacy you desire, even if you are the only one working on it

You will understand and know yourself better, so that you:

  • Will be a better marriage partner
  • Feel more in control of you
  • Can focus on improving what you do best in relationships
  • Elevate your self-esteem and personal power

You will learn new skills and tools to:

  • Work through places where you are stuck
  • Love and accept both yourself and your partner more completely
  • Communicate in more authentic and effective ways
  • Resolve conflicts and barriers that get in the way of your progress
  • Manage anger and frustration
  • Explore and experience deeper levels of intimacy
  • Cultivate more inner peace and joy

In addition:

  • You will get personal coaching and attention to walk you through your fears
  • You will meet wonderful new people and experience the support of the group
  • You will be a part of a growing community working to elevating marriage for not only yourself but the world at large
What my clients say
Listen to Rebecca’s story:

I have been through some dark and difficult times in my life. I left an abusive marriage when my kids were young and later had a long term relationship with a man who was kinder and gentler but really was more like the father I needed than a true partner. I found the courage to leave that relationship also and move forward with myself and my kids. I struggled to make sense of my life and had no real understanding of healthy relationships. My parents did the best they could but were not role models I wanted to follow.

I feel fortunate that I started working with Tom along the way. He helped me understand my life as a journey towards wholeness and I learned to see myself and the mistakes I made with much more compassion. He encouraged me to love and accept myself, understand that I deserve love and good things in my life, and know that my worth does not depend on anything outside of myself. His challenge to me was to raise the bar and expect better things.

It didn’t happen overnight but my life is so much better now I can hardly contain my gratitude. I am in a long-term relationship with a man who has also struggled with how to give and receive love but we have been working on it and are growing together. As I have gotten healthier it has helped him to be healthier as well. We now are working on living a new and healthy lifestyle and it feels great. I can honestly say I am happy and that Tom has been instrumental in helping me transform my life and my relationships. He has left footprints in my journey that will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful!

Listen to Katherine’s story:

My husband and I have been married for 35 years and have seen many ups and downs raising our family together. We certainly didn’t do everything right but we always loved each other and were committed to staying together. That was all in serious jeopardy of falling apart almost 2 years ago now. You see, my husband had an affair.

When I found out about the affair I was devastated. Was our whole marriage a lie? Was everything we had built destroyed? I didn’t know what to do but I made two important decisions. One, I got myself into therapy and started working through my grief and devastation. Two, my husband and I started working with Tom to see if we could save our marriage.

I’m happy to say that our lives have dramatically changed and we are happier together than we have ever been. Oh the pain and anger are still there sometimes but we now have the skills and abilities to work through things as they come up and our relationship is now solid. We are also much healthier people individually. I have MS and my husband has diabetes. We no longer hide behind these chronic diseases and we support each other in being as whole and healthy as possible.

This has been a journey for sure and Tom has been an invaluable guide and support. He has helped us understand ourselves and each other in new and deeper ways. Because of what we have learned we are no longer afraid to be honest with each other, be vulnerable, and re-committed. This is the kind of marriage we always hoped for but didn’t know how to create. Tom’s clear, calm, loving, and skillful presence helped us find our way through the most difficult time in our marriage.

So are you ready? I encourage you to act now to get on the road to the marriage you have always hoped for. This is the first time I am offering this information in a group coaching format and I am limiting admission to 20 people.

Date: Program will start on ….


Investment: $1495 for this six month program. Price includes:

  • Three 75 minute coaching sessions per month
  • All course materials
  • Unlimited email support as needed
  • Facebook group community

Payment Options:

One-time payment of $1495 -save $287.


Six monthly payments of $297 per month.


Here’s my guarantee. First, the things you will learn in this program will last a lifetime and change your life in ways you cannot foresee. Second, I want you to feel completely comfortable making this investment in yourself, so if for any reason you decide not to continue within the first month of the program I will send you a complete refund. No risk – No fear.

Please join today.

This program will fill up fast.


Tom King