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  • Placing the link on your website or blog
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Below are the article links related to re-imaginemarriage:

1. Elevating Marriage

2. The Heart of Work/Life Balance

The sales page is up, and converting very well. You can see it by going to:

Here are Some Great
JV Tools to use…
Banners & Graphics

550×120 Header

159×245 Banner

Couple Track image

Single Track image

Sample Keyword List

Email Sample 1

Email Sample 2


Below you will find the code for the video which you can place anywhere you like.

The video is in HTML5 and should be compatible with all browsers including mobile browsers.


You can contact me whenever you want. You can e-mail me at Or you can call me at the following phone number:

Office: 651-389-4412

What to do next… 1) Review the sales copy. 2) Promote using your chosen sales copy or graphics. 3) Go get em!!

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P.S. I am developing more great products right now!

Thank You,

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