About Us

Thanks so much for spending time on this website. I sincerely hope you will find just the right information at just the right time to help you elevate your marriage. I know marriage can be hard, infuriating, sorrowful, or even boring after a while. I also know it can be happy, joyful, and extremely satisfying. Personally I have been marriage for over 35 years now and have known the ups and the downs. There is no question that it has been worth the investment and I am enjoying the rewards in the lives of my wife, my daughters, son-in-laws, and grandchildren. Marriage has the potential to bring out the best and the worst in us so it is critical to learn how to create the conditions that more consistently bring out the best of both people. I know from experience that this is not only possible but also wonderful, and it is why I want this for you as well.
Personal thoughts:

  • I believe marriage is the best relationship to help me see myself fully, if I am willing to see 
  • When I am upset and over-reacting to my partner I am operating from my non-conscious, conditioned mindset 
  • When I’m willing to stop blaming my partner for what I feel, then I’m ready to learn 
  • Marriage helps me become a better person when I accept responsibility for growing up 
  • It is biologically easier to remember negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences than positive ones. Therefore I need to be intentional about preserving positive memories. 
  • Today’s fast paced society challenges me to remember to take time to appreciate my partner daily 
  • We need to intentionally re-examine and negotiate what balance means for us at different times and stages of life 
  • It is an important practice to take a day, a weekend, or longer away from our routine life and spend quality time one on one as often as we can 
  • Having fun, laughing together, and being playful tend to renew energy and positive connections 
  • I need to express love in ways that feel loving to my wife, which is not always the same as what I want to receive 
  • If we had to renew our marriage contract at every anniversary, how would that change my behavior and our conversations? 
  • Am I bringing my highest self consistently to my marriage? Am I giving my partner my very best? 
  • Does our marriage express mutual love and sacrifice, leadership and service? 
  • Marriage, like life in general, is an ongoing journey and I am still learning like everyone else
I love hearing how my words, products, and services impact the lives of others so please feel free to connect with me and share your feedback, thoughts, feelings, or questions.Thank you and Best Wishes